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Picture Obverse Picture Reverse NumberNumbers of the tokens

These numbers are made by "Joseph v. Pernicano".

1. The first 4 letters are a abbreviation of the country. 2. The next 4 digits are a city number. 3. The next capital letter is the letter designation for that particular token. 4. If there is a small letter then this is a variety. Small vars specified by me and not descripted by Joseph have a digit on the end of the number. 5. Tokens with "PTMS" ar tokens from manfacturers of parking systems and used in different places. 6. If I used ZZ in a number then I miss some information of the token.




1 the ptms tokens can be used in different countries.

then I place the tokens where the manufacturer is based

2 zz = unknown

CityCity of use

1 If there is a city name, then the token is made for that city

2 If the city is between ( ), then the manufacturer of that token is based in that city

3 zz is unknown

MetalMaterial of the token

A aluminium - B brass - Bi bi-metal - Bz bronze - K copper - P plastic - S steel - SS stainless steel - W wood - WM white metal / copper-nickel / nickel - Z zinc - zz unknown

Tokens with colours:

a aquamarine - b blue - d gray - e black - g green - h beige - i brown - o orange - p pink - r red - w white - y yellow - z purple
(example Pa is aquamarina plastic)
(example Wb is wood with blue inscriptions)

DiameterDiameter of the token in mm

1 if I have the token myself the diam is in 0.1 mm

2 if the token is from the book written by Joseph v Pernicano the diam is in mm.

3 I hope the other tokens reported by collectors are measured good

4 zz = unknown

HoleHole shape / position

Ch = center hole; the round hole is placed in the middle of the token.

Hole = a round hole usually on top of the token and mostly done by hand drilling.

Hx = hexagon shaped hole

Sd = solid; no hole.

Sl = slot shaped hole

Sq = square shaped hole.

Tr = triangle shaped hole.

AlignAlignment of the token

0 : Medal Alignment

6 : Coin Alignment

arge 3160 I (car in circle) / esa (4 grooves) (all incuse) (2 arrows) (1 groove) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires Wm 21.4 Sd
arge 3160 H (logo)(incuse) / d Sec (3 grooves) (2 arrows) (2 grooves) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires K/z 18.8 Sd
arge 3160 G delete = arge 3160 C
arge 3160 F sec (logo) (2 grooves) (2 arrows) (1 groove) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires Z 21.4 Sd
arge 3160 E parquimetros / tickeadora / sto (2 grooves) (all incuse) (2 arrows) (1 groove) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires Pr 21.2 Sd
arge 3160 C siste / (numbers) (3 grooves) (all incuse) (2 arrows) (4 grooves) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires Bi 21.9 Sd 0
arge 3160 B sto (incuse) / (logo) (incuse) (3 grooves) (2 arrows) (2 grooves) (incuse) Argentina Buenos aires Z 21.2 Sd
arge 3160 A parquimetros / buenos aires (logo) (2 grooves) (all incuse) (2 arrows pointing to left) (1 groove) (incuse) Argentina Buenos Aires Pd 21.4 Sd 0

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